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Here you will find some of the current stock we have in our warehouse.
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Ash planks

Length: 1800mm Width between: 500 i 600 mm Thickness: 70 Number: 2.2


Ash planks

Length: 3600mm Width between: 600 i 700 mm Thickness: 80 Number: 2.1


Oak beams

Beams with solid oak wood. Available lengths of: 6000 mm, 5500 mm, 3500 mm Various sections: 180 x 120, 150 x 100 Number: 4.1


Spruce boule

Length: 4000 mm. Widths between: 500 and 600 mm. Thickness: 60 mm. Number: 3.2


Ash boules

Different specimens. They can be found in: ‘’olivato’’ or 100% white. Widths between: 500 mm and 950 mm. Number: 3.1


Melis pine canopy

Recovered canopy with honey pine wood. Measurements: 5000 x 280 x 280 Number: 4.4


Oak shutters

Different beams with solid oak wood. Current measurements: 6000 x 300 x 300, 4900 x 230 x 230… Number: 4.3


Oak lintels

Lintels with solid oak wood Available in various sections and different lengths. Number: 4.2



With beech or ash wood, ideal for making a good heater. Possibility of sale in “big bags” or in bulk. Number: 6.1


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