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Today, transforming wood into squares or wooden squares is still a laborious process and a little artisanal. At Serradora Planas,
however, our mission is to offer quality products at competitive prices, which can guarantee and satisfy the customer’s needs.

That is why, as soon as the logs of wood arrive at our facilities, the production process begins. We select the best specimens according
to the type of order we have.

Next, we cut the wood to size and make planks with the trolley saw.

When the wood is in the form of planks, we make the final piece, which cannot be damaged in any way.

And finally, once we have the transformation done, it’s time to plaster and air the wood.

Although this process seems simple, it takes hours of effort and dedication. However, by always working as a team, with the right tools
and above all, with good experience, we can be competitive in the market.

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